Five Outreach Missions in Ireland for 2019 a Success!


Big thanks to the Philippine Embassy London delegation headed by Consul Voltaire Mauricio for coming to Dublin on September 15-16 to serve the Filipino community in Ireland.
With record-breaking over 450 consular transactions and close to 200 dealings with SSS, Pag-Ibig & OWWA, Outreach Ireland is very honoured to host the final outreach for the year successfully with two very efficient lead organisations in Dublin – Ilocano Irish Association led by Elza de la Cruz and Lumad nga mga Bisaya led by Ringo Olavario. We are also thankful for the manpower and support given by the United Filipino Irish Association from Cork led by Wendell Bersabal and Marilag Guardians led by Ed Andam and Bienvenido Cabangbang.
Thanks to the efficient documents check team led by Tina Manipis, the skilful screening service of non-appointments by Raymond Garrett, and all the other new and old hardworking non-affiliated volunteers who took charge of registration, coffee and tea, ushering, photocopying, food for the volunteers and embassy, currency exchange, set-up and tidy-up, and all-around runners. Thank you to Jonathan Borromeo of Aero Sounds and Lights for the sound system and Con Connolly and Totz Marquez of OWWA London for the beautiful photos.
We also thank Fr. Donal O’Hanlon for celebrating mass on Saturday.
The success of the outreach would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors Century Properties, Acorn Insurance, Lagura Enterprise, and Amanda Catering Services.
And thank you to St. John Bosco Youth Centre for providing the venue and facilities for this event.


The fourth outreach mission in Ireland on July 15-16, 2018 

300 Filipinos Served at the Philippine Embassy Outreach Mission in Dublin July 7-8, 2018

Hosted by Outreach Ireland in cooperation with Ilocano Irish Association & Lumad Nga Mga Bisaya, it was a first yet successful partnership with two strong and well-established Dublin-based Filipino Community Organisations. Thank you to leaders Elza and Ringo and their teams. To UFIA, the Marilag Guardians, APO, Tina, Wendell, Alma, Naida, Edna, Cristina, Glo, Joseph Reid, and the rest of Outreach Ireland’s non-affiliated hardworking, loyal and new volunteers, thank for all the support. For those who couldn’t make it but were there in spirit, Salamat din po! And of course, to Consul Voltaire Mauricio and the rest of the embassy delegation from London, a big thank you for serving the Filipino community in Ireland!

To get the latest information the last outreach for the year on Sept 15-16 at St John Bosco and the 2019 Outreach Missions in Ireland, please click this:



The Third Philippine Embassy Outreach in Cork

The “Embassy on Wheels” in Cork, Ireland. London PE acknowledges with sincere appreciation the assistance and hospitality of the members of the Filipino Community in Cork and the Outreach Ireland Team for the success of its 2-day consular mission. Outreach Ireland wishes to congratulate Wendell Bersabal of the United Filipino Irish Association for making the outreach a success.

The Second Philippine Embassy Outreach in Dublin

Results of the May 12-13, 2018 Outreach Mission are as follows:

-225 consular outreach appointments were served

-82 SSS transactions were conducted 

-24 new JFU & My Fair Home Members were signed up 

-22 new OWWA Members are now availing benefits. 

-A total of 30 volunteers helped, around 10 of which were members of two new community organisations that have provided support.

The successful outreach mission was made possible thru the assistance of local businesses that in return, had the opportunity to promote their products and get new leads and potential customers.

Our suggestion box has brought in positive and inspiring words for the help and hard work of Outreach Ireland and the services of the Philippine Embassy London, as well as constructive comments on how to improve our services.

Once again, thank you to the Philippine Embassy in London, the volunteers, the sponsors and the Filipino and Irish community that came to the outreach.



Thank you once again to the Philippine Embassy in London for conducting the first Consular Outreach Mission in Ireland on March 10-11, 2018 at St. John Bosco Youth Centre Dublin, and for having Outreach Ireland host the two-day event.

Please note that these outreach missions are a valuable service of the Embassy because they are now offered to the Filipino community in Ireland FIVE times a year – 4 times in Dublin and once in Cork. (It used to be only 3 times a year in Dublin). This saves thousands of Filipinos the time, accommodation, and cost of travel to the embassy in London. These outreach missions will be appreciated even more, especially when Brexit implements stricter travel barriers between Ireland and England.

Here are the positive outcomes and achievements of the March outreach:

– Approximately 300 booked applicants availed of consular services.

– 87 OWWA memberships were processed, around 30 of which were undocumented workers who became members using a Filipino Community member certification issued by Outreach Ireland.

– 8 new registered Pag-Ibig Fund members and 59 members for reactivation are now enjoying the  benefits of affordable savings.

– 41 inquiries on SSS including new applicants were processed, securing the future of documented and undocumented migrant Filipinos.

– 24 carers signed up for “My Fair Home” and 5 signed up for the “Justice for the Undocumented (JFU),” which are two powerful campaigns under the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI).

– Our special business partners were able to earn profit, close sales, and sign up potential clients through Outreach Ireland’s pre-event marketing efforts and promotions at the outreach. Five new businesses have already expressed interest to support the next outreach.

– We gave away approximately 30 FREE packs of biscuits and 500 FREE hot drinks and sold approximately 100 premium hot drinks which went a good way to cover the costs.

– As a loyal and professional repeat customer, Outreach Ireland will be accommodated by St. John Bosco Youth Centre for the next 3 missions in Dublin.


30 new and regular Outreach Ireland volunteers from Dublin, Cork, and Cavan went out of their way to help serve our fellow countrymen.  This is the  most number of volunteers we have had since. We are truly overwhelmed by the countless thank you messages for our hard work. These genuine  words of appreciation and seeing the fruits of our labour motivate us to continue to help.

As you read this post, at least 20 queries per day are answered by an Outreach Ireland volunteer since the group was chosen in February to host the missions. Emails, calls, texts and Facebook private messages are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Embassy announcements “hot from the press” are shared on social media, plus an information-packed newsletter is emailed regularly to a growing mailing list.

Please note that Outreach Ireland is a not-for-profit, independent volunteer group that hosts the Philippine Embassy Outreach Missions in Ireland through sponsorships. The funds we raise help feed the volunteers and cover costs for their unpaid work, as well as run the operational requirements. All for the service of the Filipino.


Outreach Ireland is always willing to help you. But in the end, please remember that it is your responsibility to be informed about your duties as a migrant. For booking an appointment  and information on consular service requirements, we would encourage everyone to please look at the embassy website. We try our best to answer all your questions, but we simply share what we read from the website.

And lastly, for those who wish to bring us down, even if we are an independent and unpaid volunteer group, please be kind to others. Why not try to volunteer and see for yourself how you can help? We could only wish to pass on our good vibes.

Maraming Salamat Po at Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

Big love from:
Outreach Ireland – Here to help!